Preferred Status Exchange (“PSE”)the industry’s most exclusive private exchange program available today.

As a Member of PSE, you may expand your vacation options by utilizing the PSE resort network to experience multiple resort destinations and a variety of travel options. More specifically, PSE offers you the opportunity to:

  • exchange into other high-quality resorts
  • use unoccupied time at your home resort (bonus time)
  • split a week between two or more PSE resorts
  • carry over your week to the following year
  • use unoccupied time at other PSE resorts (preferred time)
  • upgrade into other unit types or seasons
  • experience many different geographic locations with a variety of activities and amenities

Through PSE, you have the opportunity to expand your vacation experience and enjoy the ultimate in vacation flexibility.If you have any questions about PSE, including how to become a member or how to opt-out of membership, please contact the program Exchange Agent at (800) 647-8001.

Happy Vacationing!